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tropical moisture. with another one up to the north and this one will bump into the back of the other one. it will give us some very heavy rain out there tomorrow morning. by 5:00 hour it is under way. moderate to heavy rain and that will continue through the morning commute. the 8:00 hour has weisbwidespread rain as the cold front pushes through. this will continue to the nine and 10:00 hours. it will taper off by the 11:00 hour. we will not only be dealing with wayne but very very strong winds. i will have details on rainfall totals and how strong winds will be + more rain later on this week coming up. >> teresa is live in oakland and lots of cases in that area it had bypassed storms
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>> i'm and piedmont right now gearing up in anticipation of these storms that are heading our way. especially after what they had to deal with last year. take a look. this is a major thoroughfare in this east bay city. from last april you can see mudslide caused a lot of damage. this line knocked out power to 65 homes in the area for several hours. it was quite a mess. a big problem for hundreds of residents. the director of public works tell the kron4 news that after investigation the slide was caused by misdirected storm water from a nearby home. this is the same area several months later. the plan was worked out and the homeowner has taken several steps to deal with the issue. the russian control materials have been put in as well as new landscaping and a concrete
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barrier. not all the work is done but major progress has been completed. hopefully another has been done to prevent another situation like last winter. >> that is just a small sample of what the city is doing to try to make sure that they are doing everything they can and anticipation of the big storms that are headed our way. >> kron4 is began carmen is and the north bay this evening. you have been talking to people there who have been getting ready for the big storm. >> yes we are at lucky draw a and this is one of the main areas that floods in marin county. in the area can flood, you do not have to live near this street. if you are not paying attention and getting yourself ready for the storm. it is the day before the storm and san or fellow
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resident jeff brooks is getting ready by cleaning the leaves out of his cutters. >> i tried to get out there every year because i notice all the leaves falling. the debtors would get clogged and then i will overflow. -- gutter's a little preparation goes a long way. the dish would clog up under the fence and the water would come in and flood the art.yardyard >> he remembers it like it was yesterday >> shingle started flying off their roof. it was 2:00 a.m. new year's morning and i was on the roof after our celebration with tarps. i do not want to go through that again. you do not want to be
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on your roof at 2:00 a.m.. >> you certainly do not want to be on your roof whether it's in the years morning or any other morning. after san so i went and expected the entire downtown area to be filled with south sandbags. i did not see any in the downtown area. there's still plenty of sand bags available here in san rafael as well as castillo. a lot of people say until it starts to rain all lot of people do not fill up their bags. there could be a lot of bad feeling coming up tomorrow. >> people and one san paolo neighborhood are hoping for the best but bracing for the worst tonight. this is from the previous heavy storm there. because of flooding and damage a number of
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homes. >> those in this area are basically just hopeful at this point that it will not be as bad as a was almost two years ago and this location. just give you an idea how bad it was d.c. those two houses directly behind me? since that time is a landslide was so bad here that both of those homes have been yellow tag. this means people cannot go and during the nighttime hours. only during daytime hours. at this point they are just hopeful. i will give you an up close look of what it looks like today. i am loo standing on a hillside and from last summer you could see the plastic tarp that covers the entire hill. you could see some of the holes in that chart. this chart has been there for more than a year and is in very bad shape because of a lot of rain. it could be
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very bad for this hillside. other changes that they may even see some of the plastic pipes they have put down. they put down in hopes that if they do get a lot of rain the runoff will go through there and around this hill. we talked with a lot of folks that live in this area and they are still very concerned about what all of rain could do to the sell side. as i talk about the situation i was just about the way. you could see the law house and the distance. right now no one is living in that yellow house because it has been red tag. no one is allowed and it and the fear that it could fall down that hill. one of the reasons why there's so much concern here in san pablo. some of those living in this area cannot talk about the situation that happened two years ago because they have lawyers and they are in court to see who is to blame, the city or the people living out here. i
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did talk with someone who lives in the area who had some sandbags out earlier this afternoon. you hear the have a say in my 6:00 story. >> preparations are underway in the santa cruz mountain and parts of the santa clara valley ahead of the season's first big winter storm. >> high and dry for much of the day tuesday highway 17 between los gatos and santa cruz can be a white knuckle nightmare of a driving rain. after issuing a speeding ticket this a chp officer had some timely advice for wednesday commuters. >> slowing down and making sure you leave a safe cushion between yourself and the vehicles in front of you. watching for debris and the roadway. this'll be the first degree of the season and there'll be some debris in the roadway and will cause the roadway to flood.
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road crews >> brokers can be seen carrying these and other debris from the roadways. sand bags are available for those living in low-lying areas near creeks and streams >> the drive through those trees that might be flooded. keep an eye on the creek if you have one behind you. you can look at our website also in see the streamflow and see if things are becoming or getting out of hand. >> runoff from the back to back-to-back storms will help replenish those mountain and valley reservoirs'. there currently below a 20 year average for >> of course severe storms also mean a downed trees and possible power outages. today kron4 was out with her is getting ready for the extended wet weather ahead.
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how they plan on keeping the lights on once the weather heads, that story coming up tonight at 6:00. stay with kron4 as we continue to track the approaching storms. you can also stay updated on our web site kron4 .com along with our facebook and twitter pages. a life-threatening situation for a husband and wife driving in east oakland yesterday. they noticed a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the road and decided to use a cellphone to record what was happening. before they knew they would come face-to-face with two armed gunmen. while the video was still recording. >> we're looking at here is this is the interior of our victims vehicle. this is the phone of our female victim. she is right now dialing 911. this is our suspects' vehicle and you can see one of the suspects are ready pointed a fire arm. what are suspects are doing is they are demanding the cellphone
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be turned over to them. this cellphone that recorded their erratic driving, unsafe driving. they want that video from the cell phone. inside the suspect vehicle we have to suspects. here is the first firearm that is pointed in their direction. you can see a fire arm right here. shortly after a second firearm as when to come out. that firearm as when to be right here that is the second firearm. to fire arms and a guy walking across the crosswalk here. these guys both have guns and they're pointing them in the direction of our victim. we have a lot of pedestrians and cars in this area. this is a very busy street in foot hill. we have two guys in a car pointing guns at victims. this is in broad daylight, a very brazen act. this could have potentially been a very dangerous situation for everyone in the area. >> of p d a investigators recognized one of the
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suspects in that self on video. they tracked down the vehicle and a brief but dangerous high-speed chase was called off. the suspects were located at the driving in that same car driving in that video and arrested about two hours after the incident started. a high-school freshman hit and killed by a vehicle while riding her bicycle. kron4 is at the scene while a financial community is an morning. the police investigate all the circumstances of that accident. that is coming up after the break. uz
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a, a redwood city community is mourning the death of a 14 year-old girl. leyland even was riding her bike to school yesterday morning when she was hit by a pickup truck police said there still investigating the accident saying they do not think it was weather related nor were drugs and alcohol believe to be a factor. >> people standing by the tragic accidents shared hogs. some with candles in some genuflected in silence. many bouquets of flowers were last here, a few the company by a nose to the victim or her family. . conceive a teddy bear. most people stopping by this ryan did not know the girl personally but or move to
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pay their respects. >> she was so yawned and i just thought about her parents. and what they are going through. >> we lost a 14 year-old girl from our community and it just hit home. >> she is the same age as my daughter, it is unbelievable. i cannot imagine. i feel so much for the family. i hear she's a wonderful girl, very smart. >> the difference will describe the girl as a very kind of growth compassionate and smart. >> we are just broken heart broken of the loss of life and her family. >> an officer is expected to be ok this evening after a traffic stop turned ugly in milpitas. wendy officer got out of his patrol car these suspect started shooting. all this happened about 2:00
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in the morning on jackson rode in a school parkway. if no arrests have yet been made. both >> some people live on treasure island had to spend the night away from home last night. there was a six hour police stand off their bad and then the suspect taking his own life. the suspect that on a chase in a stolen car on the bay bridge and shot at police. this all led to the closure of the on brands of the airborne island, treasure island from 11:00 at night to 5:00 in the morning. and now we are about to seize a major wet weather in the bay area and the next few days. >> heavy rain and strong winds will company that rain. rain will continue on friday when another system moves in and we will see more rain until the weekend. tomorrow morning with this is what you'll be dealing with. the 5:00 morning our is not too bad but by 6
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their rental pushed in and becomes widespread by the 8:00 hour. we'll be dealing with heavy rain and gusty winds and possibly lightning. the 9:00 hour continues with moderate to heavy rain through the entire bay area. this the five areathe 10:00 area brings e same thing. it will finally start to clear out a little bit by 11 as the storm pushes out to the east. we will have dire conditions by the 1:00 hour. let's talk about some of the other concerns with this system. the when it first. there is a widespread wind advisory in the bay area with the exception of the santa clara valley. went to invest here are expected to give up to 65 and 87 mi. an hour in the morning. 11:00 tomorrow
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morning along the san mateo coastline and elsewhere we have at wind advisories in effect until 11:00 in the morning. the stevens are expected pretty much everywhere in the bay area except for an san jose. wanted to end his of rain and the north bay about enhance everywhere else may be a little more than that. wind advisory issued with gusts up to 70 mi. an hour. thunderstorms will be invested in that mayn't band. lightning strikes are likely. these are pretty warm systems that are coming through so we will see snow above the 6,500 ft.. the first round of rainbows and tomorrow morning with the st wins and thunderstorms embedded in that main band of rain. that is mainly north bay rain in the north bay. flyer rangers saturday
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heavy rain for sunday. hon and often ran all through the extended forecast. >> i have called a bunch of listings before and the because i was the second person to call they did not take me. they chose the first person i called. that happens all lot and you have to know when the listing is up. each of these listed as befits the request and the first five minutes. >> this is one of the thousands of people have been for a rental and striking out. it is a nightmare out there. you have to be the first person to call when the list goes live. that is the idea of the new have lovely. >> we don't expect people to be in front of their computer 24 hours a day seven days a week. it is important that when you see it that they act on it right away. it would be great if
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you did pay someone to sexaul every time a new apartment comes on the market for a search. you concerned and to push others when something comes on the market. if you are a renter in san francisco, most people have a tight budget constraints and location next constraints. if you're looking for a petition and market it will let you know about what is open for your budget. you can find out about it right away, that is what the act allows you to do. >> you can call the landlord right there from the listing inside the app. very quick and convenient. a gives listings from craigslist and other listing entities. >> of we have the several partners to help you find an apartment. it is kind of
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like a kayak for apartment rentals. >> it is mobile and in your pocket anywhere you go. using this app could give someone an advantage over people who are using only craigslist. >> i checked at the tuesday evening traffic. the golden gate bridge is moving have the but well. sam francisco, a very heavy. the top of your screen as a lower deck of the bay bridge. the bottom of your screen it is 1 01 southbound. heavy in both directions. we will be right back. ♪
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and not take a look did this, a car slammed into a jury store hanarrowly missing a toddler and whole thing is caught on camera. that is the jewelry on his 16 month old son walking in front of the window. he
5:25 pm
moved out of the way and just moments later this car comes crashing and plows right through the window he was just standing in front of. the owner said that if they had gone straight into the store he would have seriously and injured. this is a lot of selling from july volcano in hawaii. observers say the stream of lava was three to 5 ft. wide pouring down the side of the cliff. the seismic travel levels were low. we will be right back.
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>> the american eel and ambassadors talking points and relied on when discussing the consulate attack in libya had it wrong. some republicans say after hearing witnesses and rice today they are more concerned. the story coming up after the break.
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news 9 gop lawmakers grow the united states ambassador to the united nations susan rice about her initial comments after the september 11th attack on the u.s. embassy and benghazi libya. you're looking at the aftermath from that attack. >> closed the door, but we are hearing something about it. susan rice conceding today that she made a mistake and calling the attack on the consulate and libya of spontaneous protest rather than a terror attack. if she talked thought that talkg all this over with her critics would make things better she was wrong. secretary of state hillary clinton was not talking to reporters today. and she
5:32 pm
left their meeting with three republican senators. they say when she characterized the attack on the >> the information given to the american people was wrong in fact ambassador rice said today absolutely it was wrong. >> after the attack rice did a lot of talking on tv including the sunday talk shows. she says she was using on classified as talking points which have been stripped of references to out tied up. reportedly she admitted to the senators tuesday that she was aware of classified informations suggesting out i was behind the attack. if anything today's meetings seemed to backfire. >> if you do not know what happened, just say you do not know what happened. people will push you to give explanations and you
5:33 pm
can just say i do not want to give bad axe information. >> she insisted she never intended to mislead the american people. the white house was trying to clear the way for her nomination for secretary of state. today's sit down did not make that any easier. americans are giving the white house low marks for how it is handled this. 54 percent of americans are not satisfied with the administration's response to the attack on the consulate in libya. it also found that most of the public does not believe that the obama ministration intentionally tried to mislead america. >> kron4 once to know what you think. did susan rice handle the situation appropriately? log on to our facebook fan page and i will read the results live tonight. >> president and obama and
5:34 pm
republicans are each setting up their approach to avoid the fiscal cliff. events this week were aimed at selling his remedy including allowing higher taxes on the wealthy. republicans are claiming that he should instead be sitting down to talk more with them. >> it seems like our president is having some sort of difficulty turning off the campaign. we need to sit down and work this matter out. >> there is little progress with the republicans which is disappointing to me. i they talked some happy talk about revenues but we only have a few weeks to get something done. >> of republicans have had their own meetings. the fiscal cliff is a series of tax increases and spending cuts that economists predict could send the u.s. into a recession. former senator bob dole of
5:35 pm
kansas has been hospitalized. not many details were replaceleased. his name was mentioned on the senate floor today. dole over came disabling work injuries to perform his 26 year political career. >> hector camacho camacho died saturday after being shot outside a bar. during his career the flamboyant boxer had a long string of world titles. services will be held in new york where he grew up and that is also where he will be buried. it has been one accusation after another this former elmo puppeteer kevin clash. a third man came for word
5:36 pm
claiming that he had sex with him when he was only 16. he said they met on a gay chat line and they had a relationship until he was 18. the man claims he has suffered emotional and psychological problems. kevin clash has resigned any wrongdoing and has resigned from the voice of elmo earlier this month. there is a new challenge to defense apartment policy that restricts women from some combat positions. the aclu filed their lawsuit today on behalf of four female service members. they want to overturn the policy. they say they are being prevented from going after leadership positions and the policy makes it harder for them to do their jobs. they're calling the policy unconstitutional. attorney-general eric holder will be forced to hand over doc events related to be done related scescheme.
5:37 pm
two days before he was said to take office mexico's president-elect if he was being welcome to washington today by house minority leaders and nancy pelosi. and read a year rose was talking about job creation strengthening borders and fighting organized crime. he met with president obama. he will take office next month. >> stormy weather making its way to the bay area. this is actually a live picture from our camera up and it is so dark because of all the clouds. or clouds or whatever you want to call it. nonetheless storms are coming our way. what is ahead for us? >> storms, plural. lots of brains and store for us for the rest of the week. we
5:38 pm
have been seeing some cloud cover streaming over had pretty much all day long. as we look off shore a couple of systems that impact the bay area. one to the north is not as strong and you can see up here. the tail end of it extends down. it is not as strong as this one. it will collide with the others and reinforce it and give it all little bit of a boost as it moves into the bay area. the 5:00 hour tomorrow morning not much going on but then the very heavy rain races into the area by six. you'll sit in the north bay by seven. this heavy rain will continue offer out your morning commute. gusty winds, it would just be a lot mess out there tomorrow morning. the 10:00 hour it is still continues to be weds brought wide spread. rain totals, very impressive for the short period of time. one to 2 in. of rain
5:39 pm
and the north bay and the mountains. up to an answer brand a little more everywhere else. when the advisory expected, up we will go over all this in just a bit. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems there. it is all moving along quite well. in walnut creek the 68024 interchange very heavy in all directions. look at this. traffic at a crawl, we will keep an eye on and check back with it. stay with us. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank.
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among little progress on the fiscal cliff top.alk. the dow closed down 89 points today. senate majority harry reed expressed frustration about the negotiations. both the nasdaq and the s&p 500
5:43 pm
posted losses. >> we just keep getting more and more news the good news on housing. >> it's interesting 2012 was a good year for housing. the key sailer home index went up 3% again. it is nice to see. we are back to 2003 levels of where homes were. 18 out of 20 cities were up for the year. only one down, chicago. americans of bank on homes. it literally is a payback for a lot of families. to see the recovery it is good and helps our economy. if you have a home you tend to go to so go to retail stores and supply it with goodies. >> it looks like rent is going up again. >> yes that is really bad news. the people that have the highest unemployment have the highest hits and
5:44 pm
rent. it is going up another 4% in the bay area. it was going up as much as 15 to 17%. it is a slowdown for the bay area. it is a landlord market. i would not want to be a renter right now. mortgage rates are so incredibly well so is a good time to be a landlord and bad to be a renter. >> home prices here is really hard for people to save the kind of money for a down payment. these think we will get to a point where we can get into a home with less than 20 percent down soon? >> sanders will lighten up. they get tied and they get loose. they're probably too tight at this point in time so they should begin to loosen. 2013 i think you'll see a lot of private mortgages come back into the business. fannie mae and freddie mac will step back and let someone else take
5:45 pm
the rest. >> the new sky fall movie, big bucks for the u.s.. >> 220 + million dollars and selling. this is an investment and again just trying to let people see what we watch on our investments. 220 million for sony is not a lot and it will not change their future. dreamworks can now with a $30 million flop. dreamworks stock was down monday. not enough people went to see that movie. >> let's talk about doritos logos tacos. >> the chief operating officer talk about what they did well. three those locals tacos sold 100 million tacos and 10 weeks. basically by doing interest and ultimately facebook ads in twitter ads they told the story of people driving 700, 800 mi. for people to get a sample taste testing of their tacos. that is smart and ingenious. they
5:46 pm
have ahead progreduct like the big red. this will go on for a long time. >> you can catch rob black segment's most weekday mornings at 6:45 a.m. and 9:15 a.m.. >> barry bonds, roger clemens and sammy sosa are all set to appear on the hall of fame ballot for the first time. as a result we will soon find out if the drug allegations can block the former stars from reaching baseball shrine. the ballot will be officially announced tomorrow. bonds, a former giant is the all-time home run king. he was also convicted of obstruction of justice and his role in handling the investigation and steroids and professional sports. the
5:47 pm
results will be announced in january. more on this coming up tonight with gary at 6:00. >> a major storm is coming in for tomorrow morning. i want to go over these rain headlines once again. rain totals will be very impressive we will see wirain. it will last for several hours. we will see one to 2 in. of rain total in the north bay and in the mountains and hills. we will see about of entering elsewhere but it could be anywhere from half an inch to a little over an inch of rain for other locations. we will see very gusty winds and when the advisory has been issued. when gusts up to 7 mi. per hour near the coast line in the hills. we'll also see thunderstorms embedded in the main band as it rolls through in the morning commute tomorrow. that is lightning strikes on top of the heavy rain. the 6:00 hour heavy rain moving into the north bay also along the san mateo coastline. moderate to heavy rain continues to the 8:00 hour. there'll be no place that is unaffected by the
5:48 pm
rain for the morning commute tomorrow. the 9:00 hour shows widespread heavy rain continuing. same thing for the 10:00 hour as well as the 11:00 hour. we will finally start to see that system pushed to the east by 11 and we will see scattered showers filling in behind it. and to the 1:00 hour still seeing light rain over the east bay. fire conditions e even drier conditis expected into the evening. the main band of rain will rolled through. to the entire thing is highlighted , all the areas highlighted will experience high winds to morning. this darker color in on your screen is a high wind warning. it will be in effect until 0:00 tomorrow morning. wind gusts up to 60 to 70 mi. an hour. the wind advisory is for everywhere else and it will also expire at 11. we will see it when probably 35 to
5:49 pm
40 mi. an hour elsewhere. and to the 8:00 hour tomorrow morning the rain starts about six we will see nearly an inch of rain in santa rosa and simmer fell. later morning hours will have heavy rain on going pretty much everywhere. over an answer rain in san francisco sambar fell sam francisco vallejo pretty much everywhere. by the evening hours in the rain will have tapered off but we'll have more rain in store for thursday, mainly in the north bank. showers on monday and a chance of showers again on tuesday. pretty much on an offering of throughout the entire extended forecast. >> another check of traffic in san jose highway 1 01 that the guadalupe overpass, no problems there. all traffic south and northbound moving well. san mateo
5:50 pm
bridge at very heavy eastbound traffic headed into hayward. westbound traffic is also sluggish right now. we will be back.
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5:53 pm
we ask you whether you thought the ambassador to the you and susan rice handled the a situation appropriately and we received a lot of responses. 77 percent said she did the best she could with the information she was given. 23 percent said no she misled the american public. during the discussion and log on to our facebook fan page and weigh in. we will be right back. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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continue to track the up coming storm. preparations are under way all over the bay area. we will show you what is being done that help prevent any damage. no affirmation into the bazaar san jose crime spree that left one man dead from a carjacking. a 15 year-old being held under suspicion
5:57 pm
of robbery in the attempted murder of a policeman. >> a look at your extended forecast the rain coming in tomorrow would not be the only rain we see. they all week a number of storms will hit the bay area. i will tell you what to expect coming up.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news tonight we continue to track of the approaching storm. the bay area bracing for several inches of rain. this is the view from our camera where the skies were right all day today. it got dark outside which made a more ominous. this was the scene at the santa cruz mountains earlier today. there are big clouds and the sky but again the rain is coming for the entire bay area. i am in the weather center to get the latest details on what we can expect.
6:00 pm
>> basically for the morning commute you can expect rain, rain, rain. they will be raining off and on. a couple of systems will impact us tomorrow morning. for one as a little further to the north spreading cloud cover. this is the one sitting right here, that was a little weaker. this is a strong one. you could see a very well-defined storm system. it is carrying subtropical moisture in this is the one that will bring as a heavy rain and gusty wind. the morning commute is when the rain will be rolling in. it will be moderate to heavy rain. the 6:00 hour shelling rain to the north bay and along the san mateo coastline. widespread by the 8:00 hour. we will also be seen gusty winds with the systems and embedded thunderstorms. we'll be seeing lightning strikes is this pushes through. the 9:00 hour continues with the widespread heavy to moderate rain. finally this system
6:01 pm
will start pushing to be eased by 11 and we will be met with dryer conditions. we have a lot of rain coming not only with this system but a series of systems throughout the week. rainfall totals, wins everything coming up in just a bit. >> we have lied team coverage of the storm preparations all across the bay area. in san pablo a storm just over a year ago caused a landslide. you may remember the story. it forced the evacuation of a number of people from their homes. this is the damage from one home on wind and wave. at least a dozen homes were affected. summer at the top of the hell lost their back yards. others at the bottom of the same hill had dared land inside their home. that is where we began this evening with j.r. stone live. that area did experience some serious
6:02 pm
problems and still years past. our they preparing now? >> it was bad and i know that because i was out here a year-and-a-half ago when that landslide happen. i looked at the hill this afternoon and it is still in very bad shape. the two homes directly behind me bulls have been yellow tag. people are not allowed inside those homes and nighttime hours because of the danger the home still opposes. this is video that was shot this afternoon and you can see what the hell looks like today. --hill the only problem is that plastic tarp has holes all over the place. that has been there for more than a year. the idea was that the rain comes, hits the target goes down the hill. they do not want the hills saturated because when that happens i
6:03 pm
talk to someone who lived on the bottom of this hill some of the family members that live here they say they are worried, concerned about the rains to come tomorrow. >> the little bit of plastic coming down the drain pipes but that is just to catch the run off coming off the tarp. that does not have anything to do with actually fixing the slides or the hill or anything. it has not moved so far but this will be heavy heavy rain. >> a lot of these folks will be out here watching waiting and really hoping that we do not get all of the rain that is expected in this area. i did speak with folks from the city and ask have you done anything to this hill to prepare it? they could not talk because there is a situation and a court of law as about who is to blame. they did say there are problems out here and they will report to respond to them and help people live in this area.
6:04 pm
>> we continue our coverage in the north bay. p g n e crews are preparing for the storm. >> this is one of the hot spots when you talk about marin county or the north bay for flooding. i was with tv and e today talking specifically with them about what they can do. they knew this was going to happen and they were working to keep damage is minimal as possible. the roar of the chainsaw was hard to miss and sandra fell on the day before the storm. as they do all yearlong they were trying to get branches' away from as many power lines as possible. >> we expect to see some outages. this early in the year we can see a lot of
6:05 pm
these trees still have leaves on them. when the wind kicks up the leaves are still on their they act like sales. they can bring even healthy trees down. >> that is a bit of a bright spot, at least initially. >> we do not have a soil saturation yet but we do expect that towards the end of the week. >> crews will have to be on their toes and they are ready. >> we have crews on standby and they will be patrolling out tomorrow. we expect a very wet and windy week ahead of us in the bay area. >> they want residence to do with it can to be ready. make sure you have working batteries for your flashlights and radios. if you see a downed power line and some is live and call pg&e immediately. >> aside from the problems
6:06 pm
it can cause in the rain it is welcome. perhaps a bit overdue, and the south bay particular. this is west of gilroy. is that 13 percent of capacity in entirely dependent on the run off from the rain fall. 10 at santa clara valley reservoir is are at 13 percent capacity. water officials are hoping to catch up in the days ahead. >> we are behind as far as our rainfall for the year. we are behind in our reservoir storage it is lower than our 20 year average. there is plenty of time left in this winter to get into the rainy season. we hope we can get a good rain here so we can refill are reservoirs'. we also want to see the snow fall coming in so we can get a
6:07 pm
snowpack and refill are statewide reservoirs' to. >> reservoir is town for about half of the south bay's needs. the other part comes from the underground aquifers that are still in good shape. people are standing by in piedmont trying to be prepared for the upcoming storm. >> here in piedmont they are gearing up to deal with these new storms that are coming their way. some of the steps they are taking have to deal with all of the problems they faced last winter. video shows you what we're talking about. this is from last april when a big storm caused this mudslide. the slide cut off power to 65 homes. it shut down the road way for about 35 hours. the public works director tells kron4 news and
6:08 pm
investigation by engineers determined the home owner short failed to shore up the hillside. over the summer a mass onine public-works crews ae on 24 hour standby right now. >> we must ensure our creeks and storm drains and sanitary sewers as well. we want to make sure it stays clear and we do not get any debris in them. >> the concern is always the ones they do get back up it could lead to a bigger problem. >> that is correct. we have done this for a long time. one of our areas is the main part with a creek that runs through it. we have crews ready to get debris out of there should something happen. we have a great system that is in a place for several years. we monitor other spots around town this to make sure that the debris does not pile up. we also do extensive street sweeping this time of year
6:09 pm
to make sure the police have often not locked up storm drains. >> the city clerk says they have also been doing a mass of upgrade system with the source system. >> storm coverage continues on line you can find up to date weather on our ups web site facebook and to other pages. a 15 year-old is accused of killing a man and injuring a police officer on november san 16th in san jose. he will be tried as an adult. this is video of the second suspect in the incident jonathan will banks. he was in court last wednesday. police are trying to find a connection between the two suspects. both of them are being held for murder, armed robbery and attempted murder of a police officer. well banks did not enter a plea during his court appearance he will return to court in december.
6:10 pm
testimony starter for a man accused of killing a vallejo police officer during a police chase. and bank robbery. henry albers meth is charged with officer, whose murder. he could face the death penalty. he led the police on a car chase following a bank robbery. the officer chased smith into a backyard where they say he shot and killed be better an officer. a judge will determine if there is enough evidence to hold smith for trial. still ahead at road rage it turns to armed robbery on the streets of oakland. it was all caught on camera by the victim. did the white house brought ms. represent? republicans lashed out at one of the president's potential replacement for hillary clinton. a toddler nearly caught in the crossfire, coming up next.
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
>> cellphone video used to capture to armed robbery suspect driving erratically in east oakland. you are looking at that cellphone video now. this happened yesterday about 4:00 p.m. on high street near foothill boulevard. at one point the suspect punt pointed guns at the victims demanding their cell phones. they refused, something the oakland police department does not demarecommend.
6:14 pm
>> in this case they're very lucky that no one got injured or killed. we want to stress and it is really care not here is that property is not worth your life especially when you have an armed person who is demanding something from you. in this case it was a phone that contained a video of criminal activity. it is not worth getting shot or killed over. this particular couple was very lucky that nothing happened to them. at the same time we want to stress your personal safety is paramount. we do not want to see anyone struggling over property which can be replaced because your life cannot be. >> the video was turned over to the oakland police. investigators of recognize one of the suspects, track down the vehicle and arrested the two suspects about two hours after the incident occurred. >> u.s. ambassador susan rice went to capitol hill today facing a few of her sharpest critics. she tried
6:15 pm
to explain her initial public statements about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. she felt that the meeting with the republican lawmakers would ease tense situations, she was wrong. >> susan prices closed door meeting with three outspoken public republicans citize senators start the following reaction. >> why she would not have asked another person about this who does not know anything going on every single show. >> and the appearances she mentioned anti muslim video produced by an american filmmaker. >> that sparked violence in various parts of the world including violence of coursagainst western
6:16 pm
civilizations. >> that the videos seemebe focut some might say, of session on comments made on sunday shows seems to me and to many to be misplaced. >> the criticism comes as rice is thought to be a potential nominee to replace secretary of state hillary clinton. her nomination would come for president obama. senator john mccain has openly criticized them as well. >> the president is the one that is ultimately responsible. >> the clock is ticking as congress and the white house worked to hash out a plan to prevent tax hikes and spending cuts. they have 35 days to come up with an agreement before going over the so-called fiscal cliff.
6:17 pm
the white house announced that president obama will be hitting the road in an effort to win public support for his plan. he is meeting with business leaders friday he is going to for a factory in pennsylvania. the campaign style trip is in a tent to build pressure on congress through public support rather than the behind closed doors support used in last summer's and that talk. that is not sitting well with the senate minority leader. >> there is some concern i read this morning that the president plans to hit the road next week to drum up support for his own personal approach to be short and long term fiscal challenges we face. in other words rather than sitting down with lawmakers of both parties in working out an agreement he is back on the campaign trail. presumably with the same old talk that we are all quite familiar with. we already know that the president is a good campaigner, we congratulate him on his reelection. we don't know is if he has leadership qualities necessary to read is lead
6:18 pm
his party to a bipartisan agreement on big issues. like we currently face. >> there's a new poll is a 67 percent of americans think that any kind of budget the elderly must have both spending cuts and tax increases. >> big changes coming in the forecast as we head into tomorrow morning. you'll be waking up to win the wet weather. heavy rain in the morning and gusty winds as well. dryer and the afternoon and more rain on store for wednesday thursday friday saturday. and clouds are increasing over the bay today. we have to storm is set to impact the area and they will merge. the tail end of the system stretches down to the south passing into tropical moisture. this will be the main threat. it will provide a powerful punch in the morning. a heavy rain is coming in at the 6:00 hour also on the
6:19 pm
san mateo coastline. widespread by eight. it will impact your a heavy your morning commute with rain. thunderstrike suspected to be embedded in this band. the 9:00 hour is still widespread moderate to heavy rain continuing into the 10:00 hour. this will go for several hours and pushed the east by 11. by noon we will see better conditions and 1:00 we will see a few showers lingering. 4:00 is still a few showers, not as much as earlier. 8:00 clear to the text irer conditions exp this one little patch here with the wind advisory is not in that fact. the wind advisory as the letter stating on your screen. in effect until 1:00 tomorrow morning. darker shade along the coastline is a high wind warning. it is also in effect until 11:00 tomorrow
6:20 pm
morning. wind gusts up to 70 mi. an hour. rainfall totals will be pretty excess of for just a few hours. the 8:00 hour remember the rain starts at 6 in the north bay and already an inch of rain in santa rosa and san rafael. as in moving to the 10:00 hour over an inch of rain and a number of locations. over an inch of rain and a number of locations. that was basically several hours from 6 to 11:00 in the morning. heavy rain falling and we're definitely going to be talking about some flooding concerns and to tomorrow morning. a little bit of a break on wednesday afternoon more rain on thursday. mainly in the north bay. heavy rain returns on friday and that will be widespread. lighter rain and widespread long lasting through saturday. heavy rain sunday morning, it is nonstop basically
6:21 pm
through sunday. we will follow up with the chance of showers and to monday and tuesday. stay with us we will be back after this. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom.
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6:24 pm
emma a car slammed into a jewelry store in east georgia narrowly missing a toddler inside. the whole thing is caught on camera. that is the jury store owners 16 month old son walking in front of the window. just moments later a cloud plows through the window just moments later. we will be right back.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
and with bill kron4 is tracking the approaching storm. when and where the rain will fall plus a 14 year-old girl hit and killed on her way to school. the community now and morning. details coming up next.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
heavy rain in store for tomorrow morning. rain in store for out the week actually. rain totals will be pretty extensive. periods of moderate to heavy rain, one to 2 in. of rain in the north bay and the mountains. a little over an inch of rain expected everywhere else. when gusts up to 70 mi. an hour expected and thunderstorms will be accompanying. the heavy rain is expected to roll and for the heavy morning commute. the entire bay area will be covered by eight. moderate to heavy by the horns on your screen that will spread throughout the entire bay area through the 9:00 our lasting through the 10:00 hour lasting still to the 11:00 hour. we will see
6:31 pm
about five hours of heavy rain. there be an inch to 2 in. of rain throughout the bay area and that short period of time. gusty winds also for tomorrow morning and thunder and lightning accompanying it. tell me a first of systems to impact the bay area this week. >> pg&e has tree trimming crews doing last-minute trimming around power lines. this goes on throughout the whole year and they're doing extra now with this storm is just that hours away. with the wednesday are expecting there be no way to avoid power outages. residents must prepare. if you see down power lines contactees he immediately and make sure your radios and flashlights have good ride working batteries. >> motorists road crews and residents are hoping for the best and am bracing for the worse as the biggest storm of the season lows and.
6:32 pm
sandbags are being used to shore up existing slides and prevent new ones. chp is advising drivers here on highways 17 and other mom rose to slow down even as road clues are working to clear leaves and other degrees from storm drains. water officials are warning those living near creeks and streams about the potential for flooding in at the same time welcoming becoming moister to replenish the pleading reservoirs'. >> and piedmont the city prepares for this big storm heading our way. the city is also taking steps to deal with problems they face from the last big storm. this is a mudslide that happened on rod afro avenue last april. had knocked out power to 65 homes and affected hundreds of people. the property owner has but and he rose in
6:33 pm
control as well as concrete barriers. the director of public works in piedmont says not all the work is done but hopefully enough to prevent another problem similar to what happened last winter. >> city officials are getting ready for the rain that is on the way by making sure areas that are prone to flooding are cleared out. including a part that is right around the corner from where i am standing. crews have been and there cleaning out this creek making sure it does not fled again like it did a couple of years ago. this is an area where all the water from nearby areas drains off into. it is definitely an area of concern and will be monitored. any its flooding or mudslides that occurred they will be ready with dacko's and other kinds of equipment to keep the area's clean. >> you are looking at a hill that had a major landslide
6:34 pm
around the year and a half ago. at least six homes were affected. one red tags and at least to the yellow tag. residents say look at the turf, you can see what type of shape is the end. there are holes in the tired and they are concerned and hopeful that this ground does not become saturated with too much rain. >> and sam francisco 34 years after mayor george mosconi and supervisor harvey milk were this brutally assassinated here at city hall this city comes together to remember them. they had a candlelight walk all the way to the castro district where harvey milk's camera store is. we will talk to people to find out what they remember most about the two men. >> i memorials during for the 40 year-old girl was killed after being struck by a pickup truck. around 830
6:35 pm
monday morning she is riding her bike to school and leyla beban is described as a smart kind of compassionate suited to wanted to be a marine biologist. the investigation into what caused the crash is still ongoing. police say it was foggy at the time of the commission they do not believe weather was the primary factor. >> investigators that oakland police headquarters use self on video of to victims of an attempted armed robbery to catch the suspects wanted in connection to the crime. >> this is the interior of our victims vehicle. this is the tone of our female victim. she is right now dialing 911. this is our suspects' vehicle and you can see what of the suspects are ready pointed a fire arm. >> and menlo park police chief will update the city
6:36 pm
council meeting going on behind me on a multi agency response to combat the by clashes between two rival gangs and east palo alto and the city. they're working with east palo alto and palo alto police chiefs to try to ease the tension between the gangs and prevent more violence from breaking out. the new plan is called operation smart. tonight at 8 i will tell you how it works. >> an officer is expected to be ok this evening after a traffic stop turned ugly in milpitas. police say when the officer got out of his patrol car the person he was pulling over started shooting. the officer returned fire and the gunman took off. this all happened about 2:00 in the morning on jacqueline road near rescue a parkway. no word on suspects and no arrests were made. (male announcer) stanley roberts found some people behaving badly... >> the guy came to me and told me he advanced to put on my property if i was
6:37 pm
interested. the offer me five to 7¢ a pound for whenever the garments were. he said they shared with the salvation army and good will. my understanding is they sell some of the stuff in this of stores. they took the shoes to africa for a nickel a pair. this is the >> this is the event that he is referring to. they're the same donation been set line castro valley boulevard. is that this is andy city of alameda. tonight at 8 we will look at exactly which local charities are profiting from these the nation events. uz
6:38 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
>> bad news with a 49-1/7 a row. kyle williams loss for the year for it with a torn a cl. frank doris back up
6:46 pm
candle hunter gone with eight ankle injury. he had 170 yds and two touchdowns. the injury could lead to more carries for anthony dixon. >> i really feed off of him. he runs hard, he's a good runner. we fight all learn from each other. we just have to pick up for him. what ever coach asks us to do we have to do it. >> yes he does have on headphones during the interview. linebacker for years and $45 million his contract extended through 2018. people know the game say he has every good he signed a
6:47 pm
$50 million it deals of the 49ers are taking care of the fellows responsible for that defense. they are paying big big money. we have been on the air for about a minute and a half without a mention of cabinet and alex smith we must and that now. >> we will deal with it. we have two stars and to good caliber quarterbacks. it is his decision. i know that collin kaepernick wants to stand and play and so does alex. i know that both sides will be ready to play. >> if i was a player i would be tired of people asking me. i like to talk about myself. these guys are professional athletes and they keep doing it. harbaugh will announce that tomorrow. >> the suspense will be over. >> the raiders were 8 and 8
6:48 pm
last season but man are they regressing. so badly during this four game losing streak. defense gave up 169 points. that is more than the 49 allowed all year. they did it in four games. 42 points per game. how did they win three games? they are now three and eight. >> this is pro football and we have a job to do. our job is to win football games and we have to do a better job at doing that. we don't expect the results of what we're doing right now. it is not acceptable to be three and eight and we have to do something to change it. >> we received a letter today and we will not mention the guy's name this is get a life. please get a life. do something positive.
6:49 pm
this is they listed the address which obviously we are not going to pass along. this is not even worth being indignant about. how lonely can you be? >> that is sad. >> that is a lonely, you have nothing else on your mind. if it's somebody you know, you don't even know this guy. all they see as this guy standing with a teacher during the interview. that is one of the few things that upsets me. >> it's going to rain >> thanks is going to rain. i needed a little segue. how miserable can your life be
6:50 pm
that you have a football coach and his family and send them a threatening note? >> that is a mean >> that is sad >> if you are listening to go to 193. no one will bother you they are dealing with music. that will make you feel better. if you have nothing better to do with your life in send a threatening letter to dennis allen go to 193. there'll be a picture of me and pam. you get to see dr. phil, his face all day long. those 2193 and you will feel better. thank you. someone has to promote right? buried by and roger clemens and sammy sosa are on the ballot. it will be officially announced tomorrow. a semi educated
6:51 pm
guess, bonds will get more votes than clemens or sells the but not the 75 percent needed to make it into the hall. that is my guess. the latest, he is not coming back anytime soon. he is still plagued by soreness and swelling. he admits he probably over the net when he suited up the first few games of the year. that is too bad, all the warriors' hopes were on him. >> its just not right yet. when i tried to train for extended periods it does not respond well. i will be restricted when i come back i'd get there a couple of practices.
6:52 pm
>> just for the record warrior fans are tied for first. he made baseball players bridge his name as marvin miller. he created free agency and for those tried and true traditionalist he is the guy who allowed players to go from team to team. the ball players all swear by him. he made it a multi multimillion dollar industry for the players. he was 95 years of age when he passed this morning at his home in manhattan. he was diagnosed with liver cancer and august. southern mississippi has fired coach alice johnson after one when this season. the golden eagles won 12 and 2. they said we will bring in johnson and there were zero and 12 this year. for his when this season he gets a $2.1 billion buyout.his
6:53 pm
parting gift is $2 million. the toronto argonauts won the cup the canadian football league championship. there is the city of toronto. the first parade since the argonauts won the cup in 2004. they beat calgary 35 to 22. ysabel duran tomorrow? i have not been watching. >> yes it is. >> and my segment i don't need jack when jacqueline jackson. i stand behind him all the time. we'll be back in a moment.
6:54 pm
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>> how big is peyton manning? you don't usually see is in the nfl. these people are all stars in college and highly paid
6:57 pm
guys. kansas city running back jamal charles waiting after the game to get an autograph from peyton manning. that's like me standing outside channel 5 waiting for burn to come out. the i mean? have all little pride. jackie, is it going to rain?
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
halle berry and the new graphic images of her ex and fiance's thanksgiving day fight. >> could they impact her custody case and now get one of them deported? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. the los angeles judge who's granted halle berry's former boyfriend a restraining order. >> berry's fiance. >> disturbing photos of the aftermath. >> halle's ex with a black eye swollen shut. >> a bloody gash. >> why the canadian model now says halle's fiance

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